will michelangelo play DE or OT?

although there are some sort of potato chips in existence which are actually blue in color, blue chips can also refer a very select group of annual high school football prospects.  in recent years, the media’s search for the toasty new sport’s stories has shed light on the fact that oftentimes, athletes coming out of high school are so physically developed that any knowledgeable bloke can point out which ones will be playing football in the pros 3 or 4 short years later. the truth of the matter is that in sports, as in life, there are never any guarantees about what the future holds…

after all, we are talking about 17 year old kids here. they oftentimes don’t know what position they want to play in college, what they want to study n college, or which college they would like to attend. how can we expect for these kids to enter a foreign environment like college and come out of the other end as seasoned veterans ready to take on the world? it’s almost like we consider college football as an assembly line, taking in raw materials and pumping shiny new products out the door.

professional football is a business, as we can see from the recent issues in the NFL’s collective bargaining agreement. but in many ways, college football has turned into a business, and now, like a virus, it is spreading to high school football. many are to blame for the trickle effect, but i think we can single out one aspect of our daily lives that is to blame for the explosion of interest in high school football: the big bad media!!!

recruiting athletes used to be a simple process. high school coaches would send out highlight tapes of their star players, and college coaches from all over the country would get in their cars and go on road trips to evaluate talent. kids would receive offers for full rides to prestigious schools like Notre Dame, USC, and Cal. as well as some schools not necessarily known for their academics like Georgia, Tennessee, LSU, and Florida State (haha). but these days, the arm reach of the media is so long that bums like me and you can evaluate these players for ourselves from our living room sofa. We subscribe to websites like Rivals, Scout, and of course, ESPN, so that we can closely track each meal these kids are eating, and each word they mumble in their sleep so that we can possibly figure out which school he’s leaning towards attending 6 months before he even enrolls. To make matters worse, the kid can commit to a school, and still get chased by rival schools. coaches will bash each other’s reputation, advisors will trash talk the school’s academics, and the kid will receive 2,000 birthday wishes from 2,000 Facebook friends who he’s never heard of, all reading the same thing, “Happy Birthday, hope you become a ____!!” a nole, or a gator, or an ibis, or a frigin Stanford tree.

these kids have a mountain of athletic ability, a boat load of opportunities, and they catch a lot of grief for having a little trouble deciding which school fits them best. but let me just say this: i do have certain days (not too many), where i’m happy that God gave me the body of a high school culinary operations teacher, and not one that resembles a Michelangelo sculpture, because it does come with a high price…

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2 Responses to will michelangelo play DE or OT?

  1. teddy says:

    ha! the stanford tree is ridiculous

  2. b.rad says:

    nice read… ive left my fair share of comments on kid’s facebooks =/

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